The power is in our hands. Join us in Protecting Jackson’s Future.


Dear Teton County Residents,

We love where we live and want to protect what makes it special for future generations. Faced with serious threats to our climate and ecosystem, it can feel difficult to make an impact. The Jackson Hole Power Challenge gives you tools, information, and resources to take action and collectively work to create a better climate future, save money on utilities, and make your living space healthier.  

The challenge is designed to meet you where you are. There are important actions to fit everyone’s schedule and capabilities. Every action you complete, whether it’s waste reduction, choosing clean energy, supporting local food, or something else, contributes to the whole community’s sustainability goals.

Ecosystem stewardship, emissions mitigation, and waste reduction are priorities in our community. In 2010 the Town of Jackson and Teton County smashed their 10% energy reduction goal, using an average of 29% less energy in existing facilities. The success of that partnership led to the creation of Energy Conservation Works (ECW) as a joint powers board that includes Lower Valley Energy (LVE). Our mission is to provide leadership, implementation, and engagement specific to energy conservation, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and reductions in emissions. 

There is great work happening, and we are already seeing real change. ECW & LVE’s Green Power Program provides more than 70,000,000 kWh of 100% renewable energy annually and ECW’s low-interest loan program has provided $1.6 million in home and commercial loans for energy efficiency upgrades. Thanks to the work of organizations like Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities, there are over 20 EV charging stations in the county. We are also seeing collaboration across different sectors and organizations in the community with The Teton Climate Action Planning project, which includes dozens of local organizations building a path towards ambitious net-zero goals with an eye toward equity. 

This is your opportunity to be a part of the solution and help us to support the Ecosystem Stewardship priorities of the Jackson-Teton County Comprehensive Plan and the Town of Jackson’s Net-Zero by 2030 pledge. 

Join the Jackson Hole Power Challenge today and protect what you love about where you live - getting out with friends, unique wilderness, and the vibrant community!